We guide real estate development that looks to the future, from every angle.

WOWA, led by founding principal Wolfgang Wagener, offers multidisciplinary knowledge, high-level experience, and evidence-based foresight to help clients navigate a complex and shifting real estate development landscape.

We create and implement strategy to realize each development’s highest potential.

Our strategic approach structures every aspect of decision-making around clients’ core goals. We focus on the early stages to lay the foundations for long-term success: developments that can be successfully marketed, readily approved, and physically constructed, and that perform and adapt optimally in use.

We analyze, learn, and adapt, tailoring best practices to every new setting.

Our selected case studies detail strategy in action. Over the past 25 years, these developments deepened our capacity and honed our skills, enhancing the value we create for every type of client.

We chart paths forward by understanding long-term change.

WOWA stays alert to the ways our industry and our world are evolving. We are committed to green development, fostering ecosystems that support human health; digital innovation, capturing the value of information; and thought leadership, sparking insight, optimism, and curiosity about what’s next.


Best practices: High-performance assets

For organizations

Cupertino, California
Office, research and development campus

Best practices: Local pride

For communities

Shanghai, China
Shanghai Municipal People's Government
Health-centered community

Best practices: Outstanding architecture

For developers

Cupertino, California
Sand Hill Property Company
Mixed use, suburban transformation

Best practices: Pioneering innovation

For industry leaders

San Jose, California
Bayview Development Group, Bouygues Group, IBI
Health-centered community

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